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Television-Test-Screen-No-Signal-Vector-Illustration[1]The list in this post does not claim to be the complete list of Home Theatre/Media Center Solution, rather a quick gather up of links to software alternatives when you want to build your own HTPC/MediaCenter PC. It’s a topic i looked into because of a friends obsession in building such a system. I guess this can be helpful if you are also interested into this… Of course there are pleanty of resources in Google and the best way to get round building a Media Center is checking out how other did it…

An extensive list, for all of you interested in HTPCs and Media centers is also available here at

Windows Solutions

Linux Solutions

Apple/MAC Solutions

A very good collection of links for Apple media software

Xbox Solutions

Cross plattform Solutions

Please comment if you feel there is something i forgot!

Also here you’ll find a list in Wikipedia comparing features of some of the packages.


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