eWeek Labs: Oracle Database 11g named one of the Most Important Products of 2007

Each year, thousands of IT products are released, and each claims to offer enterprises something bigger, better or, eWeek’s favorite, “unique.” eWeek Labs’ tests often show that these claims are overblown; just the same old technology dressed up in new buzzwords. That makes Oracle Database 11g‘s list-making all the more impressive!

eWeek’s Cameron Sturdevant says “Oracle’s Database 11g is the cornerstone of the vendor’s dynamically allocated computing grids and should garner the attention of database managers with its improved management, recovery and table compression capabilities. Database 11g, released in August, also takes much of the guesswork out of advanced database tuning.”

Against the competition, Oracle Database 11g stands alone in this top honor as no products from IBM, Microsoft or SAP made the list.