K.I.T.T Is A Hit Again?!?

A Knight Rider Revival… After the TV series of the 1980s, the Knight Rider concept seems to be back on trend.

We have the Knight Rider television movie released early 2008 and served as a backdoor pilot for the new Knight Rider television series, the revival of the 80s series. This film did not refer to either the Knight Rider 2000 film or the Team Knight Rider television series. The ever wanted car KITT was replaced by a Ford Mustang GT500KR (voiced by Val Kilmer!), but the features and abilities remain similar. In the series stars Justin Bruening as Mike Traceur, the estranged son of Michael Knight (the original Knight Rider), who in turn becomes the new Knight Rider. But that’s as far as the new movie and series are related.
Still, partly because of the series reappearing on the screen again, the Knight Rider trend is back as well. Memorabilia, Dolls, Mini Cars, etc have reappeared all over the internet and on ebay.

The rumours say that even the ‘original’ Kitt car from the hit 1980s television show is up for sale on Internet auction website eBay or at least thats what some papers wrote. The black 1984 Pontiac Trans Am, which has a flashing red light on the front is already attracting bids up to £16,000 on the site but it seems that the car is not an original, but just a very good restoration.
After being released from its film duties, KITT found its way into the show circuit by promoting many Budweiser World of Wheels car shows for a number of years. After its tour of duty, the car was in need of restoration and in 2001 the owner approached Mark Scrivani of Mark’s Custom Kits to restore the vehicle.

Auto Blog commented, “This is a picture-perfect reproduction of the Knight Industries 2000. Unfortunately, after all that money and man-hours, the gooey center is still an ’80s F-Body. Canadian seller Zapper80 has done an awesome job putting this car together, and claims a cost of over $40,000 CDN. Zapper80 cites original molds as the source for some of the body parts, which leads us to believe that the car was put together from the wealth of parts and information available from the enthusiastic Knight Rider fans on the web. The amount of information, and lines of communication back to KITT designer Michael Scheffe are truly astounding.”

In Greece, the series is not yet here…and we can only get previews online, but i guess it won’t be long before we get them here as well.
Until then here is the official series site and here are some info about the movie. Also if you are into replicas and have missed the old Knight Rider KITT car, here you can get a good replica R/C car.