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Athens 4Life
Athens 4Life

A team of young people, active through their website, try to transform this city to a better place. With a variety of activities and campaigns find, record and suggest secret places and lost beauties all around Athens. Places hard to believe that actually exist in Athens.
At the same time, another online effort, relevant to our city resources, gives as all the info to live around in Athens, for free! Probably the first greek site dedicated to gathering and listing all the free events of our city, does not allow you the excuse “no money, no honey”. In fact, it urges you to discover more!

The omadablanco (blanco team) started 3 years ago by launching the project “Athens will surprise you”, an attempt to discover and record all the secret or little known places in or around this city. Monuments, buildings, gardens, flowery fields, churches built in rocks, lakes and waterfalls that we had never noticed before, despite being near them everyday. Places with charming and fascinating stories waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

In the teams’ website,, you can be informed of their activities and find out more about their projects.

The title “Athens will surprise you” of the project could not be better and more accurate, as by know 11 of the best places that have been discovered and recorded in their efforts remind you of places far away from Athens, that definitely surprise you once you find where they are located. In fact, they are so close to the city center or high traffic areas, that most of us that live in this city find it hard to believe that we haven’t noticed them before.

Places as the Bridge of Doykissis Plakentias, the Basilissis Tower, the Lake Mpeletsi, Saint Marina, the French Archaeological Faculty, the waterfall of Penteli, the Botanic Garden Alexandros Diomidoys and a lot of other, have something different to offer and wait for all of us to discover it.

Another site that explores Athens, is prooving that in Athens you can have lots of fun and a good time for free. In this site you may find a variety of free event around the town, such as exhibitions, movie shows, concerts, escursions in nature, theater shows, party, book presentations, speaches and several other, always for free events. Events that take place somewhere near by and we don’t even notice or hear about. Moreover, suggest known and unknown routes around some of Athens several neighborhoods, carefully organised under the category “walk arounds” («Βόλτες»), as well as ideas on how you can economically move around the city (eg. discount cards, stock houses etc) under the category «for less». or else is a new proposition to an alternative attitude and philosohy which proves that the best things in life are for free.

Both of the above sites constitute very appreciable efforts with particularly interesting and attractive suggestions, that give you the chance to get to know our city better, to make it friendlier and more humane. Let’s supporting them and follow their example improving Athens and exploring new paths around our city.