The T-Mobile Dance

Last Friday, the 16th of January at 9:10 am, Channel 4 broadcasted for the first time the new T-mobile commercial. The T-mobile advert which was filmed the previous day on Thursday 15th January 2009 at Liverpool Street station, one of Londons’ best railway stations, with 400 dancers and all the participation of the public.
Around 10 hidden cameras were used to film the whole railway station and of course the Dance. Apart from the dancers and the railway employees, nobody else was aware of what was happening. Rehearsals were held the night before, during the hours that the stations is closed.

The end result was the commercial in the following video, where you can see the whole dance routing and the peoples’ reactions, which were exactly what the T-mobile people expect, namely people dancing and making videos of what is happening with the own mobile phone.

The advert was released for both TV and YouTube. The punch line in the end “Life’s for sharing”. A very interesting idea for a commercial of a mobile company, don’t you think?

The songs during the dance are:

  • Lulu – Shout
  • Yazz – The Only Way Is Up
  • Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha
  • Johan II Strauss – Blue Danube Waltz
  • Kool and The Gang – Get Down On It
  • Rainbow – Since You’ve Been Gone
  • Millie – My Boy Lollipop
  • The Contours – Do You Love Me?