InfoWorld 2009 Technology of the Year Awards

InfoWorld announced the winners of the 2009 Technology of the Year Awards in Applications, Middleware, and Data Management:

The Awards are presented in a slideshow format, and InfoWorld made it almost unreadable. But I did the work for you and therefore here i present the winners.

And the winners are…

Best Web Browser

Firefox is the king today. No other browser provides Firefox’s wealth of
features or can boast of so many If you’re seeking a browser that is customizable,
quick, reliable, and stable, look no further.
Best Office Alternative

Writer, Sheet and Show
Zoho could be the productivity suite you’ve been waiting for. Zoho can
provide both personal productivity and business back-end applications,
and with Google Gears, you can keep working on documents even if you
can’t find the Internet.
Best Web CMS

Communique WCM
Communique WCM 5 is designed for business users, but the ease extends to
developers and IT admins as well. An AJAX-enabled interface provides
drag-and-drop page design and in-context content editing.
Best Community Platform

Community Server 2008
Telligent Community Server has the customary blog, forum, and
media-sharing social features. It stands out from the crowd with
impressive scalability, business intelligence reporting, and superior
Best Database

Database 11g
The incomparable Oracle Database 11g, a
gigantic release with capabilities such as Real Application Testing and
Active Data Guard, that DBAs previously could only dream about.

Oracle Database 11g is simply richer in features and more configurable.
Best Data Integration Platform

Open Studio
This open source solution hits all the highlights one would look for in
traditional integration platforms — batch delivery, transforms, ETL
(extract, transform, and load), data governance, and a strong set of
connectivity adapters — but at an untraditionally affordable price.
Best Mashup Server

Denodo provides a rich set of tools to unify both structured data from
relational databases and unstructured data from Web sites, e-mail boxes,
and other sources.

Congratulations to the winners!