Oracle Fusion Middleware and a FREE “Fusion Development Experience” workshop

Fusion MiddlewareOracle Fusion Middleware (OFM) is a portfolio of software products, produced by Oracle, that spans multiple services, including J2EE and developer tools, integration services, business intelligence, collaboration, and content management. OFM is based on open standards such as BPEL, SOAP, XML and JMS. Many of the products included under the Oracle Fusion Middleware banner are not themselves middleware products, Fusion Middleware essentially being an umbrella emracing many of Oracle’s products outside of their core database and applications software offerings. According to Oracle, by 2006 over 30,000 organizations were Fusion Middleware customers, including over 35 of the world’s 50 largest companies and more than 750 of the BusinessWeek Global 1000, with OFM also supported by 7,500 partners. If you would like to live the Oracle Fusion Experience, checkout the rest of this article…

Oracle Fusion Middleware is designed to support development, deployment, and management of Service-Oriented Architecture. It includes what Oracle calls “Hot-Pluggable” architecture, which allows users to leverage existing investments in applications and systems from other software vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, and SAP. Oracle will also leverage what is called configurable network computing, (CNC) techology that it got from its combined PeopleSoft and JDEdwards acquisition in 2005. Oracle Fusion Applications are under development based on Oracle Fusion Middleware.

HP, in order to provide standards-based software to assist with business process automation, have incorporated OFM into their Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) portfolio.

In 2007, Gartner said “OFM has reached a degree of completeness that puts it on par with, and in some cases ahead of, competing software stacks”, reporting revenue from the suite of over $1bn US during FY06, estimating the revenue from the genuinely middleware aspects at $740M.In January 2008, Oracle Universal Content Management won InfoWorld’s Technology of the Year award for “Best Enterprise Content Manager”, with Oracle SOA Suite also winning the award for “Best Enterprise Service Bus”.

Α free OTN Event, planned to be delivered in several major cities around the globe, is also scheduled to be delivered in Athens, Greece. This is a hands-on workshop that will give you insight into how to create Ajax-enabled, rich Web user interfaces and Java EE-based SOA services .
This is a unique chance to get introduced to the development platform Oracle is using for its Fusion enterprise applications, and see how you can get up to speed with it. The workshop will get you developing with the latest versions of Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 11g, including the Ajax-enabled ADF Faces rich client components.

This workshop is targeted at developers, project managers, and architects. Whether you are currently using Java, traditional 4GL tools like Oracle Forms, PeopleTools, and Visual Basic, or just looking for a better development platform, this session is for you. Plus, you’ll have a chance to win an Apple iPod Touch and Oracle prizes.

You can check the event page on OTN for further information about theevent material, delivery date and how to apply.