Some of the best April Fools’ Day pranks!

This is no April Fools’ Day joke. Tech & Gadgets is your friend, after all, and we would never try and make a fool of you. Instead we have for your delectation a selection of the finest gadget and gaming pranks to be pulled on the first day of April over the last few years.

Ball Assisted Cerebral Homing Exerciser (image ©
Virtual sports trainer
For this year’s April Fools’ day, gadget magazine T3 unveiled “a new sports technology that promises to shape the David Beckhams of the future”. The Ball Assisted Cerebral Homing Exerciser (pictured) claimed to be a motion-sensing kit comprising belt, headset, and wrist and ankle bands that would eliminate the need for teammates and sports centres altogether.

Grand Theft Auto Chicago

Devised in 2006 by fan site The GTA Place, Grand Theft Auto Chicago was an initially convincing fake game preview – and a purported Playstation 3 exclusive, no less.

GTA Chicago

Google’s Gmail Paper

In 2007, Google told users of its email service Gmail that Gmail Paper – that is, convenient, hard-copy archiving of all your written communication – was the wave of the future. Revolutionary.

Paper – the future of email

Sat Nav Shoes (image ©
Sat Nav Shoes
Among the astonishing products launched by gadget seller on April 1 2009 were the Sat Nav Shoes from Droidwear. These “stylish” trainers could apparently guide you from A to B by means of integrated GPS, a LED bubble in the toe and direction-giving speakers burbling away in the heel.

Autoblog’s driverless touring car
With the aid of some clever Photoshopping, popular car blog Autoblog covered a real scoop on 1st April 2007: the world’s first driverless touring car.
Blizzard’s takeaway service
Back in 2005, World of Warcraft developer Blizzard made hungry gamers hopeful with rumours of a future /panda command – which would allow players to order Chinese food from within the game.
Seattle Podcasting Network’s toilet training iPod peripheral
In a 2006 April Fools’ Day joke, Seattle Podcasting Network attempted to convince visitors that a Danish company was selling an iPod peripheral for potty training toddlers. The name? iPood.

The ThinkGeek Wiihelm (image ©
ThinkGeek: the WiiHelm
Like the best April Fools’ Day jokes, this one was just believable enough to have you second-guessing yourself. The WiiHelm for the Nintendo console seemed feasible enough at the time.
WiiHelm for the Nintendo Wii

NDTV: Technology retrieves sounds from walls

In 2007, news site NDTV reported an astounding new technology: devices that could recover sounds and conversations that naturally get recorded in the walls around us.

The walls have ears reviews the E-vri-thin

CNET reviewed a suspicious “flexible convergence device” a couple of years ago today. They even included video footage of the gadget.
The E-vri-thin