Free/OpenSource (el/lak) Developers Conference 2009


The Greek Free / Open Source Software (EL/LAC) company is organizing a conference for Free / Open Source software designers (developers) for small businesses, education and research.

The aim of the conference is to disseminate information about these projects and to attract other developers to jointly develop.

The conference will be held on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th of June 2009 at ΝΤUA Campus in Zografou – Athens Campus (Conference Hall).

The following topics will be covered (indicative):

  • Business
    • ERP
    • CRM
    • Professional Software
    • Office Applications
  • Education
    • Education units management
    • Education Software (several sections)
    • Educational gaming
  • Research
    • Simulation
    • Statistic analysis
    • Mathematic Analysis

The Conference Registration and Participation in the workshops is free. For the schedule and more information checkout .