Global Academic movement regarding Skopje…

In an impressive movement 220 academics from around the world and members of the most renowned universities abroad, have sent to the Government of the United States of America (USA) a long letter asking to exercise all its influence to the government Skopje to stop the falsification of history.

The academics suggest that we need to «Help the government of FYROM to understand that we cannot build a national identity at the expense of historical truth». Note that in the list of professors signing the letter are people from the universities of Princeton, Harvard and Oxford. not only Greek universities, and leading scholars representing universities from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Canada, the United Kingdom and USA. This actions has really taken a global dimension.

In this letter the academics respond to all questions on the issue and conclude that it is not possible for a country, with the assistance of other bigger ones like the US, to alter historical data to create its own identity. Therefore they simply ask from Washington D.C. to correct the «error» of the previous government on this issue.

The global academic community clearly states that «Alexander the Great was Greeks were not Slavs, as the Slavs and their language arrived in the region 1000 years later ».Furthermore, they point out and ask from the new U.S.government « to find appropriate ways so that Skopje government understands that can not build a national identity at the expense of historical truth. The international community can not survive, when history is ignored, especially when history is fabricated».

The signatures are increasing daily and has created special website on this issue with all the details and continue gathering signatures.