Haiti-Earthquake: Emergency call and reports by MSF teams

MSFWe have all heard on the news about the Earthquake in Haiti… MSF provide the first time emergency medical assistance to victims of this disastrous earthquake that struck on Jan. 12 in Haiti.

The first information coming from the Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) groups already working in Haiti are rather disappointing.

The health center Martissant in a poor area of the capital Port-au-Prince (Port au Prince) had to be evacuated after the earthquake because it was damaged and was unstable. Patients are now in tents and medical personnel constantly receives patients from the city. We already care is 300-350 people, mostly with wounds and fractures. Among them are 50 people suffering from burns, some of them very seriously indeed, caused mainly by gas cylinders that blew in houses that have collapsed. The rehabilitation center Pasot (Pachot) have received care other 300-400 people. In one of the offices of MSF in Petionvil (Petionville), another area of Port-au-Prince (Port au Prince), a mobile clinic has accepted at least 200 wounded. Even more people receive assistance in building that housed the hospital Parent Solidarity which suffered severe damage.

One of the most experienced members of MSF Tzanini Stefano (Stefano Zannini), remained out for most of the night trying to make an assessment of needs in the city and evaluating the state of medical structures. “The situation is chaotic” state. “I visited five health centers, including a large hospital, and most of them are not operating. Many of them have been destroyed, and there are many dead. Some areas of the city have electricity and people have gathered in the streets lighting fires on the road and trying to comfort each other. When I realized that by MSF began to seek help especially for injuries.There was great solidarity among people who were on the streets. “

Another MSF coordinator in the city, Hans van Ntillen (Hans van Dillen), confirmed that the Port-au-Prince may not respond to the scale of the disaster. “There are hundreds of thousands of people sleeping on the streets and left homeless. We injuries with open fractures and head injuries. The problem is that we can at this stage to refer them to a health structure to surgery. “Many of the medical structures in the city have also suffered severe damage and the provision of medical care is extremely limited at this time that the need for medical help is enormous.

However MSF trying to bring more people into the country. About 70 people are expected to arrive in the coming days. MSF is sending in a mobile hospital bed capacity of 100 and a “mobile” surgical unit, which consists of 2 operating rooms and 7 hospital scenes. The region will arrive and nephrologists who specialize in medical impacts of injuries from earthquakes. However, transport is very difficult and is not yet known if medical supplies and medical personnel should enter the country through neighboring Dominican Republic. MSF is deeply concerned for the safety of some people who work for us. A total of approximately 800 people and have not yet found all the problems in communication and the overall situation.

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