Oracle Learning Library
Oracle Technology Network

Most of you Oracle fans, might have noticed the changes that were going on on several Oracle web sites the past few months. As announced on the Oracle Technology Network Blog, the most important one-stop shop for Oracle techies ( has been redesigned and there were several enhancements introduced.

I was always a fan of OTN and I always thought that one of its best features was the Oracle By Example – OBE section. Among all the OTN enhancements and redesign, Oracle By Example was changed as well. And that what a great change!!! Now at my favorite we get a full new tutorials search portal, The Oracle Learning Library.

Oracle Learning Library

The new Oracle Learning Library is definitely a tool that will help you when you’re looking for demonstrations or online tutorials. This is a neat (Oracle APEX) application which basically provides a new user interface to the Oracle by Example (OBE) tutorial content available on OTN. The difference is that you don’t need to scroll down through lists of OBEs or search various sites to find online demonstrations. This is a much better experience than before where it wasn’t always easy to find or keep track with all those valuable (and free!) tutorials.

The material is broadly divided under Database, Fusion Middleware, Enterprise Manager, Beehive and JDeveloper, but the search allows a better drill down to specific categories, technologies and their corresponding tutorials. For example, just add “model” to the search and you’ll see 3 current Data Modeler tutorials and the latest data Modeler tutorial, published last week. The library also lists online demonstrations, which are all typically around 3 – 5 minutes long, focusing on just a small feature area. This means that a search for “Installation”, “Compression” or “Testing”, etc will result in both tutorials and online demonstrations, saving you lots of time when you simply what to find specific information or a guide.

This is indeed a great resource for new database users and administrators, but it is also very useful to more experienced users that would like to quickly find out how to utilize all the new features.