Oracle eBooks… For Dummies (No Offence!)

// The ‘For Dummies’ brand with more than 200 million books in print and more than 1,600 titles, is the world’s bestselling reference brand. The past few years licensing the use of the books by large vendors seems to be very popular. These can often be picked up as print freebies at conferences or as ebooks online on specific topics online.

Oracle has been offering such eBooks for quite some time and in the past we have referenced several such titles available from Oracle. Here’s the list of currently available topics and ebooks offered freely by Oracle.

Cloud is of course a huge topic and relevant guides and references are always welcome.

Public PaaSInnovate Quickly and Confidently with Public Platform as a Service
See how Platform as a Service solutions can help you:
Accelerate business innovation.
Improve business agility and insight.
Reduce IT cost and complexity.
Increase productivity and collaboration.

SaaSWhat SaaS Can Do for You. Made Simple.

See the cloud clearly, with our jargon-busting glossary of buzzwords.
Get up to speed quickly with ‘Ten Things to Know About the Cloud’.
Find out how SaaS is enabling business managers to lead the digital transformation.
Understand the opportunities for your line of business—sales, service, marketing, finance, or HR.
Evaluate your SaaS options and create a business case that allows you to meet your organization’s goals.
Find out what you really need to know about potential cloud providers.

Nonetheless, Oracle is also focused on on-premise solutions or otherwise called private cloud solutions in many cases.

Server Consolidation
View this 2nd Special Edition E-book on Server Consolidation Discover how to: Boost IT efficiency and agility Consolidate with cloud deployments and use smarter networking Find the right consolidation strategy for you
Server Virtualization
View this 2nd Special Edition E-book on Server Virtualization Discover: Why virtualization is increasingly essential The right way to virtualize for your organization Ten ways to get the most from virtualization
Enterprise Computing
Enterprise Computing with Oracle Solaris For Dummies Discover: Why choosing the right OS is essential How to plan and deliver an OS deployment How to take advantage of unique Oracle Solaris features










Other interesting titles available from Oracle currently, include:

  • Database Storage: Optimize Database Storage for Maximum Performance and Efficiency
  • Enterprise MobilityExploring the Oracle Mobile Platform
  • In-Memory Data Grids: How Data Grids allow companies to meet their customer’s evolving needs
  • LTFS: Access and transport large storage repositories on inexpensive tape with LTFS
  • Social RecruitingDevelop your social recruitment strategy
  • Modern HR: Everything you need to know about the new age of Human Resources