Oracle Application Express Goes Cloud and more

If you have the Oracle Database, you already have Application Express. Since 2004, Application Express has been a fully supported and no-cost feature of the Oracle Database. Using Application Express as a platform, thousands of customers have created applications that range from small opportunistic solutions to enterprise-wide mission critical systems.

With evolution to Cloud and the transition of development to Cloud Native, came Oracle Applications Express 5, the result of a two and a half year engineering effort, representing the greatest advancement of Oracle Application Express (APEX) in its 10 year history. The latest Application Express 5.1.3 was first released on September 26, 2017.

Oracle Application Express 5 enables customers to develop, design and deploy elegant, responsive, database-driven desktop and mobile applications using only a browser. Build Applications Quickly was taken to a whole new level.

Be it on Oracle Database on premise or Oracle Database on Cloud, in all different flavors from Database Schema as a Service to Database Exadata Cloud Machine you automatically get Oracle Application Express, a robust rapid application development environment, where you can build state of the art desktop or mobile data-centric applications accessed through standard web browsers. You can readily enhance these into enterprise-level, mission critical systems.

You can use Oracle Application Express to define RESTful web services that consume data from other sources, which can then be utilized by applications in the Oracle Database Cloud Service. Using Oracle Application Express or Oracle SQL Developer you can also define RESTful web services that emit data queried from the Oracle Database Cloud Service which can then be used by external applications.

Oracle Application Express also includes a variety of business productivity applications that can be installed with just a few clicks. These point solutions are designed to instantly solve many of the common business requirements you face. If necessary, you can unlock any of the packaged apps and enhance them to meet your specific needs.

As mentioned earlier, Oracle Application Express Release was released on September 26, 2017. This is a cumulative patch set for Application Express 5.1.0, Application Express 5.1.1, and Application Express 5.1.2. You can try the latest of APEX on all Database Services Oracle Cloud, on, or fully download it here.

Since version APEX 5.1 , introduced powerful new declarative features, such as the Interactive Grid, Oracle JET Charts Integration and  a lot more enhancements on Universal Theme and User Experience, Page Designer, Calendar, APEX Builder UI, Wizard Simplification, and new Packaged Apps.

While developing Oracle APEX applications, you must have noticed that in every application you have to follow some baseline steps, so as to be consistent and effective. Similar to database or software deployment best practices, there are also APEX best practices.

The new way of building an application, is to start from a “Blueprint”. The new create application wizard called “Blueprint” is cloud-first and therefore not part of the regular downloadable APEX 5.1.2 release. The concept is very similar to a workflow, but now it’s built-in the APEX Builder and it’s more powerful as it allows to customize the features you want to include in your app. You can create apps using that wizard on your Oracle Database Cloud or on, export them, and import on your local system. This still undergoing some more changes but this is a great potential feature.

Oracle provides a huge set of supporting material for Application Express, but there is also a great Oracle Application Express Community Central at (Includes Consulting Companies, Hosting Companies, Applications, Books, Success Stories, and Quotes.) Additional resources and support via the a Community-sponsored site for the global Application Express community, OTN APEX Discussion Forum and of courcse the ODTUG APEX Blogroll.