Thanos – The Easter egg hiding in Google Search

Got some time to to spare? My fellow Fictional supervillain Thanos is eradicating half of Google Search Results.

Open the Google homepage and search for “Thanos.” On desktop or mobile!


Then, click the Infinity Gauntlet that appears in the supervillain’s Knowledge Graph card. The armored glove will snap for a hot-second and then, inevitably, eradicate half the search results.



Did you see the 90,700,000 results drop to 45,350,000 in just 0.44 seconds?
It’s a neat little Easter egg that’s been added, obviously, to mark the theatrical release of Avengers: Endgame. And if you grow tired of staring at a half-empty page, you can click the gauntlet once more to trigger the Time Stone and put everything back to normal.


Thanos and I we must be very serious about “perfectly balanced” searches over the internet. Still if you want to reach out to me, try typing more than thanos, e.g. thanos terentes