About Me

Since your are visiting my site, i guess you probably already know me. But still, mostly for the rest of you that just happened to end up here, here are some brief information.

Full Name: Athanasios Terentes Printzios

Nicknames: Thanos, Akis, AkisTP, etc

Born: 13 August 1976

Sign: Leo

Current Residence: Athens, Greece

Other Relevant Locations and places i’ve lived for some time are Liverpool, Manchester, London, Thessaloniki, Volos, Xanthi, Patra, etc. Studies include:

  • B.Sc. in Computer Science by the University of Liverpool
  • M.Sc in Business Information Technology by UMIST (now University of Manchester)
  • English Language – University of Cambridge
  • Spanish Language – Universidad de Santander

Additionally i’m able to speak and understand a little of Italian and French. Well, that’s all for starters… Perhaps if you want to know more you need to check out my CV at http://thanos.terentes.com/cv/ or

After all, the web is optimal for communication !!!