Greek Business

A typical sample of Greek cunningness….  We have a Greek father, talking to his son… NICK POULOS (father): I want you to marry a girl of my choice. GEORGE POULOS: ‘ I will choose my own bride!!! ‘ NICK POULOS…

Media Center Software List

The list in this post does not claim to be the complete list of Home Theatre/Media Center Solution, rather a quick gather up of links to software alternatives when you want to build your own HTPC/MediaCenter PC.

iPhone 3G

Apple’s just-announced 3G iPhone has the potential of becoming a stronger competitor in the business market against Research In Motion popular BlackBerry, and could weaken the impact of Google’s initiative to build an open source operating system for smartphones, experts…

Oracle Announces Latest Release of Oracle Secure Backup

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. 05-MAR-2008 05:00 AM Oracle today announced the general availability of Oracle(r) Secure Backup 10.2, Oracle’s high-performance tape backup solution for Oracle Databases and NAS storage devices. Oracle Secure Backup is a complete enterprise solution for centralized tape… Update at last

Welcome to blog… I finally got round to updating my personal website. Hopefully my choice of wordpress as the underlying platform for this blog, will help in setting this up as soon as possible and then start dealing with…