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HyperCom Team is a Web Applications/ Solutions Development group that was formed initially as a Collaboration Team during my University years at Liverpool University. In the beginning, there were just 3 of us and what we had in common was that we were all Greek studying abroad and that we were all studying Computer Science . This grew into a close friendship, a similar way of thinking and a uniform perception of several things, including design and development.

Since 1997 we had all agreed, the web would be the way, the platform, the environment that would revolutionize computing during the next few years and we were truly excited. In UK, we had the chance to experience this change right away, so we immediately got into working with web technologies, creating web applications, experimenting with new technologies and designing new services.

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In 2002, when we got back to Greece, we brought with us several of our applications, plenty of web experience and a huge enthusiasm to work in our home country.

HyperCom Team now constitutes from several highly enthusiastic, hard working and visionary people, that share the same mentality and feelings towards all things web. We have setup a wide network of experts in different technologies and methodologies all around Greece. For a few years now, we have been providing A’ Class services, assisting individuals and companies to make a difference in their market area. Every challenge is different for us…. But that’s exactly the way we like it !!

We have the skills, we have the knowledge, we have the confidence, we are what you need!
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